Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

  • I've tried several Banks and each one has declined me, so will you still be able to help?

    Yes, we will be able to help any type of business or individual find a new Business Account even if they have been declined already. We have a wide range of options available, so we will approach those we know who will accept your application. So depending on your circumstances and the nature of your business, we will where who to approach on your behalf.

  • I have been Bankrupt, can I still get a Bank Account for my business?

    In short yes, we can help anyone who has any type of Adverse Credit including those who are or have been bankrupt. It might take a little more work and time, but we will always be able to help as we have some account providers available who base their applications on your identity and not your credit status.

  • I was told that because of the nature of my business I will not get a Business Account, is this true?

    Yes it is true that often any business account applications will be declined purely because of the nature of their business, so anyone trading in anything to do with sex, gambling, online legitimate drugs, high value jewellery, MSBs & financial services and many other examples will almost certainly be declined. HOWEVER – We will find a solution for ANY legal business regardless of their activity – all that would be required is you and your business can be formally identified.

  • I am an MSB (Money Service Business) and have been refused, can you help?

    Yes we can! Even though the main business account providers will refuse to open accounts for any MSB business, we do have providers that have options available meaning you can get business account facilities no matter what your business activity is.

  • When you say 'Guaranteed' what do you mean?

    When we say we offer a GUARANTEED Business Account Services, we mean Guaranteed! So no matter what your circumstances or your situation, we WILL be able to find you a provider who will accept your application – OK it may take a little more time for exceptional cases and we may be required to do some additional work, but we have no reason to think we will not be able to find a business account solution.

  • How does your service work?

    We specialise in helping find a suitable account for businesses, so based on the details you give us, we will be able to see what accounts will be most suitable, what the main features or facilities will normally be available and how to proceed should you wish to.

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